I am EatYourSheep, a retro computer addict and film photographer.
While I have been shooting on film all my life, I have exclusively shot film for over four years.

I love shooting photos with film, because of the beautiful and ethereal ways it renders the world.
In regards to fursuit photography, film gives already lively characters that extra touch of brilliance.
It's indescribably amazing, and I love sharing the awe and wonder of film fursuit photography with others.

Even more than photography, my even bigger passion is electronics. New, and old. Especially with technologies that come off as timeless.
One such example is with analog camcorders, such as Hi8 Handycams. I love shooting videos on them and sharing them with others. Especially because of the nostalgia and admiration for a now-outdated format.
I hope that you enjoy my work, and thank you for reading!
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